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 2020 Jackrabbit Friendlies

We are excited to welcome you and your team into our state of the art indoor facility the Sanford Jackrabbit Athletic Complex. The purpose of these games are purely for development to help your team transition from futsal to outdoor soccer, therefore there are no standings or trophies.  You do not need a team roster form but we ask that you have proof of age (i.e. player card) in case any questions arise.

Girls U10-U12 (7v7): March 14th
Cost: $250 per Team
All Prices Have Included an 8% Sales Tax
Friendlies Are Limited To 20 Girls Teams
 Online Registration REGISTER
Boys U10-U12 (7v7): March 15th
Cost: $250 per Team
All Prices Have Included an 8% Sales Tax
Friendlies Are Limited To 20 Boys Teams
 Online Registration REGISTER

Schedule: will be released 7-10 days before the event.

Rules: Normal USYSA outdoor soccer rules apply with the following modifications.

  1. Game length- two 25 min halves with a 5 min half-time.  The clock will run continuously and no time will be added for injuries, goals or other stoppages.  (14u-18u - Two 35-40 min hales with 5-10 min hald time)
  2. Number of players- 6 field players plus a Goal keeper (7v7) (14u-18u - 8 field players plus a Goal Keeper (9v9))
  3. GK Distribution- No punting or dropkick are allowed (An indirect free-kick at the half line will be awarded to the other team if it occurs) (14u-18u - punting or dropkicks are allowed) 
  4. Restraining line – On all goal kicks and times where the GK has the ball in his or her hands, the other team must drop to the half-line.  If a player refuses to do so, the result will be an indirect free-kick for the other team at the halfway line.
    1. If the GK plays the ball quickly there is no punishment 
    2. The defending team may pressure the ball as soon as the ball leaves the GK's hands or is placed at the GK feet.
  5. Offsides will be enforced for all games

Location: Games will be played in the Jackrabbit Indoor Facility.

Additional Information: Players and Coaches only on the turf and track. Fans please stay in spectator section in the bleachers.

If a camper will require any accommodations due to special needs, we ask that you notify us via email or in writing of those needs a minimum of two weeks prior to the camp start date so we can make the accommodations.

Questions Contact: Andy Janssen  |  (605) 254-4521  |

Jackrabbit Soccer Camps are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender).